Larcenous Lad(y?)


Puc the Thief
Urban Trickster

Investigative Abilities: Appraise (C), Architecture (L), Bargain (I), Charm (I), Customs (I), Disguise (C), Inspiration (I), Notice (C), Reassurance (I), Sense Motive (I), Streetwise (I)

General Abilities: Athletics 2, Ambushing 2, Battle 1, Burglary 3, Courage 2, Endurance 2, Preparedness 1, Riding 1, Sense Trouble 1, Skirmishing 2, Sorcery 1, Stealth 3

Starting Pushes: 3 / Used 0

Power 0


The Demonic Amulet
Key to the Dream City

Investigative Abilities: Arcana (L), Healing (L), Intimidation (I), Survival (C), Tactics (C)

Gifts: Spend 2 Power to

  • Gain a bonus die in any Sorcery test
  • Gain a bonus die in any Athletics test
  • For the rest of the scene, gain the power to see in complete darkness, and while it’s dark you may reroll any dice that roll a 1

Starting Spells

With a Sorcery of 1, Puc can take one spell safely, or two at the risk of becoming Overloaded. Spells can be swapped in and out by Taking Time.


Gerana Vos
The Small Titan, Spymaster of Tyros Ashem

Investigative Abilities: Courtesy (I), Craft (C), Forbidden Lore (L), History (L), Scholarship (L)


Puc is a masked cat burglar in the ancient city of Tyros Ashem, where guilds and cults clash to control the thronged streets above and secret labyrinths below. Puc stole a demonic amulet that fused with the thief, giving them supernatural powers but binding Puc to a terrible destiny. Puc’s now in an uneasy partnership with the “Small Titan”, spymaster Gerana Vos.



  • What does Puc’s mask look like? A scowling demon? A leering carnival mask? An actor’s mask? A piece of black silk?
  • Who does Puc usually target with their heists? Rich merchants? Guild warehouses? Cult temples? Do they steal for the money or for the thrill of danger?
  • Where’s Puc’s hideout? In the sewers? In the attic of a mansion? Atop the Titan in the harbor?
  • Where did Puc steal the amulet? An ancient tomb? A cult temple? A sorcerer’s tower? From the House of a Hundred Eyes?
  • Is Puc a penniless street thief? The bored scion of a wealthy family? A revolutionary, out to bring down the mercantile guilds? A spirit of the city, given form and flesh by the amulet?


The Demonic Mask

The Amulet stolen by Puc is an ugly thing of brass, in the semblance of a demon’s face, with blazing rubies for eyes. When Puc stole it, the amulet fused to Puc’s flesh. The shock of the amulet coming to life distracted Puc, which is how the thief fell into the hands of the Small Titan and her House of a Hundred Eyes.

The Amulet is usually silent, but sometimes comes to life and speaks. It claims to be the ‘key to the other city’ and that it has chosen Puc to be the ‘opener of the way’. The amulet cannot be removed – not without cutting out Puc’s heart, which certain foes are more than willing to do!


Gerana Vos, The Small Titan

The House of a Hundred Eyes is one of many secretive groups that serve the Council of Guildmasters, protecting Tyros Ashem from external or supernatural threats – or so Gerana Vos claims. She might, of course, be lying, for deception comes as easy to her as breathing. She is named the Small Titan because she is grey-haired, unsmiling, hard as iron, and utterly without mercy or hesitation (and thus differs from the Titan that guards the harbor only in that she’s broken fewer ships with her bare hands).

Vos claims to be willing to help and protect Puc until they find a way to remove the Demonic Amulet. Again, she might be lying – it’s certainly possible that her main goal is ensuring she can keep an eye on Puc – but for now, the two have a mutually beneficial alliance. Puc investigates mysteries and deals with problems for Vos, and she assists Puc and ensures the bearer of the Demonic Amulet stays off the list of threats to be eliminated by the Hundred Eyes…

Vos almost never accompanies Puc on investigations; Puc can visit Vos at the House of a Hundred Eyes and consult her there, in her cramped office full of files and scrolls.


Assorted Whatnot zero