Sam Claiborne

Rude, Crude, Warrior Woman


Sam Claiborne
Female Human (Versatile) Fighter 11
N Medium (Human, Humanoid) Warrior
Senses Perception (M) +19 (+21 Init)
Languages Common, Elven

AC 30 (10 + 13 proficiency + 6 armor + 1 item)
HP 162
Fort (M) +22, Ref (E) +18 (+19 vs damaging effect), Will (E) +18
Resistance slashing 3
Hero Points 1

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +2 wounding striking greatsword +24 (2d12 + 8 S plus 1d6 persistent bleed; versatile P, wounding d12)
Ranged 100 ft. +1 striking composite longbow +18 (2d8 + 4 P; deadly d10, propulsive, volley 30 ft.)


  • Attack of Opportunity [R]
  • Battle Cry [F] Demoralize an observed foe when you roll initiative
  • Improved Knockdown [AA] Strike; if you hit, apply the critical success of a Trip, using your weapon’s damage dice size
  • Advantageous Assault [A] Strike a grabbed, prone, or restrained target with a +4 (equal to the number of weapon damage dice + 2) circumstance bonus on attack; on a Failure, you deal 4 (equal to the number of weapon damage dice + 2) slashing damage
  • Intimidating Strike [AA] Strike; if you hit and deal damage, target is frightened 1 (2 on crit)
  • Power Attack [AA] Strike, if you hit, add 2 extra dice of weapon damage

Ability Scores STR 20 (+5), DEX 14 (+2), CON 18 (+4), INT 12 (+1), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 14 (+2)
Ancestry Feats (A1) Natural Ambition (Power Attack), (Heritage) General Training (Fleet), (A5) Clever Improviser (Untrained Improvisation), (A9) Incredible Improvisation
Class Feats (Natural Ambition) Power Attack, (C1) Sudden Charge, (C2) Intimidating Strike, (C4) Knockdown, (C6) Advantageous Assault, (C8) Blind-Fight, (C10) Improved Knockdown
General Feats (Class Bonus) Shield Block, (General Training) Fleet, (G3) Intimidating Prowess, (Clever Improviser) Untrained Improvisation, (G7) Battle Cry, (G11) Charming Liar
Skill Feats (Background) Intimidating Glare, (S2) Quick Jump, (S4) Powerful Leap, (S6) Quick Coercion, (S8) Terrified Retreat, (S10) Quick Climb

Master Skills (Class) Athletics +22 (+24 w/ armbands); (Warrior) Intimidation +19 (+21 Coerce/Demoralize)
Expert Skills Deception +17
Trained Skills (Warrior) Warfare Lore +14; Medicine +15 (+16 w/ tools), Nature, Survival +15

Class Features Attack of Opportunity, Shield Block, Bravery, Fighter Weapon Mastery, Battlefield Surveyor, Weapon Specialization (+2 dmg expert, +3 dmg master), Combat Flexibility, Juggernaut, Armor Expertise, Fighter Expertise
Gear +2 wounding striking greatsword, +1 striking composite longbow, 20 arrows, +1 resilient full plate, greater bracers of missile deflection, armbands of athleticism, boots of bounding, adventurer’s pack, expanded healer’s tools
Bulk 10; Current 9 Bulk, 5 Light

Master simple and martial swords
Expert advanced swords, simple and martial non-sword weapons, unarmed attacks; all armor, unarmored defense; Fighter Class DC
Trained advanced non-sword weapons


Sam Claiborne

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